4 of the Best Free iPhone Editing Apps

We all want to edit our iPhone pictures better, but with the millions of apps out there, it’s hard to know which ones are truly the best! These 4 editing apps are all free and are some of the best out there to get the best quality edits for your photos! I was considering making a list of more than 4, but I personally only use these and didn’t want to overwhelm! With each photo example, hover back and forth to see the before/after edit!

1. VSCO – Well this is a given! If you haven’t heard of VSCO, this is going to be your best friend. VSCO is the source behind many of the beautifully edited pictures on Instagram, with over 30 million active users.

My favorite free filters for VSCO are A4 and A6. They also have amazing free black and white presets!

VSCO Edit Example

A6 Edit +12, Exposure -1.2

2. Lightroom CC – Guys!!! Lightroom CC mobile is a game changer in the way we can edit on our phones! Not only is this app free (the desktop version is usually $19.99 per month), but you can use the presets from these emails on here!

This photo was editing using the CearaKirk preset from the All You Can Edit newsletter.

Lightroom CC Edit - Before and After

3. Snapseed – Have you ever seen a photo or an Instagram feed where everything is white? The floors, the tables, almost too perfectly clean? If you were skeptical, then you are correct – a majority of the time people edit these white backgrounds to be even whiter, and Snapseed is the perfect app for that. Within the app, you can use the Brush Tool to desaturate any background that is a little too colorful for your taste.

A sample edit within Snapseed!

4. Unfold – Now I’m sure you’ve seen this app before (hint: it’s the one that’s allowing everyone to make those amazingly cool film strips on their feeds). I personally use this app for Insta stories, and it makes laying out photos in a vertical format so easy and convenient. This part of the app is free. However, if you want those cute film strips, you’re going to have to pay $1.99 (which is quite worth it in my opinion).

Unfold 5 Best Free iPhone Editing Apps

Well there you have it – my favorite 4 free iPhone editing apps. If you have more suggestions, please let me know in the comments below, and I really hope this helps!

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