Bri Knopf: Content Creator of the Week

In this week’s newsletter, we are talking all things vintage in editing – film scratches, 70’s filters, the whole nine yards.

We couldn’t think of a better content creator to feature than Bri Knopf. Bri is a graphic designer based in Scottsdale, AZ that uses her talents to share daily style inspiration to her 17,000+ followers (link to her Insta here, give her a follow ladies and gents). A recent college grad, Bri was chosen as one of ten students who represented each ideal of the college. Her ideal? Creativity!

When asked what inspires her aesthetic, Bri shared that her environment is everything. “I really think environment effects my personal style a lot. Living in Arizona has already inspired my style and editing style a lot. I felt like I sort of had to make up for living in Missouri with edits – everything feels more effortless to me when there’s palm trees.”

Many content creators and Instagrammers alike look to Bri for advice on editing and creating a more similar look with their photos and videos. One notable detail she adds on her photos is film scratches, which we will be creating for this week’s edit. Bri shared that recently her photos have a more natural editing style and overall look, and adding film scratches can be a great subtle touch to enhance your photos.

Before we add the film scratches, here is a quick tutorial on creating the vintage look on your photos in VSCO (free editing app on the app store – mobile download here).

A4-A6 on VSCO are the perfect filters for creating a film look – they are inspired by classic analog film. These filters are free on VSCO (for a limited time).

Apply A4, and add grain anywhere +3.5 – +8 (depending on how grainy you would like it).

Feel free to add warmth to the photo by adjusting the white balance as well!

All You Can Edit How to make photos look like vintage filmAll You Can Edit How to make photos look like vintage film

Next, we are going to add our film scratches! There are two ways to do this!

Option 1: you can purchase the app “Afterlight 2” and add dust/film scratches on there ($2.99, download here)

Option 2: This tutorial involves Photoshop on your computer, which you can access via a Creative Cloud subscription or a free trial. After downloading Photoshop, open the file attached in this week’s email. There will be film scratches on here that we will copy and paste onto our photos!

Watch the Instagram TV tutorial on how to add those film scratches here!

All You Can Edit How to make photos look like vintage film

Another tip Bri suggests for creating that vintage film look: the Unfold app (it is free but this feature is an additional $1.99)

Vintage Visuals Bri Knopf make photos look like film strip

Simply purchase the template and add your photos into the collage slots!

There you have it – a few easy ways to create a vintage look on all of your photos! Whether you plan to just add some grain or go all out with the dust and film scratches, we hopes this help you achieve the look you’re going for! For Bri’s tips on creating vintage videos on your phone, check out this post!

Bri is always sharing helpful photo and video editing tips on her Instagram stories. Check out her page and follow along with her amazing creativity and life in Arizona! https://www.instagram.com/briknopf/






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